Glorious India!

Bahai Temple Observatory atop Mt. Abu
Hawa Mahal in Jaipur The Taj from afar with cattle grazing on the banks of the Yamuna. Makes me wonder if the taj inspired Lucas when he designed queen Amidhala's palace.
The Taj from the main entrance The Taj in all its glory!
More of the Taj! A tower at Fatehpur
Qutab Minar Remains of the Maurya empire
Terracotta bull The Hindu Sun God
People working in a brickyard in Palghat. Shot from the Bangalore Kanyakumari Express train Photographer at work. One of my favorites! In some town in Rajasthan, I found a whole lot of street photographers busy at work with equipment that belongs in another century. One of them graciously agreed to pose for me. I love the puzzled face of his young client! The boys mom had brought him there to have his picture taken. She was a shy burqha (traditional dress with black veil) clad Moslem woman who ran off the scene the moment I pulled out my camera. The black patch on the right hand corner is the fleeing mom our puzzled hero.