Absolutely BJP!

Some "interesting" photographs I took of my friend and namesake, Binu Jose Philip.

BJP on the cannon! BJP charging on Nandi!
Size matters! Yama Kinkaran!
Mongolian Gerbil Gals take the "subtle" hint!
Mongolian Gerbil Gals, take the "subtle" hint!
The "BhaiJaan" hat Baksheesh de do Saab...
The Bhai-Jaan hat.
Till he got the hat, people treated the two of us like the country bumpkins we are. The hat changed all that. After he got it, everyone called us "Bhai-Jaan" and "Janab"!
Gurkha baksheesh de do Saab...
Basic Instinct!  
Basic Instinct
You know who is in control
I don't feel like a ride right now.